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Our vision - to become a leading Nordic pharmaceutical company targeting growth in Northern Europe

Navamedic is a focused pharmaceutical company with a scalable platform for marketing and sales to hospitals, pharmacies and patients in the Nordics and selected countries in North Europe. Building on the company’s ambitious new strategy and the milestones successfully reached in 2019, Navamedic has set the course for continued growth in 2020 and beyond.

Navamedic is executing on its three-step growth strategy focusing on maximizing value at the core of the company’s product portfolio, secure and increase value through ownership to products and brands, and growth through M&A.

“We work systematically to strengthen our core business by delivering growth through the introduction of new products in existing markets and expanding products to new geographies. We have started and will continue the tedious process to increase company value by owning new products and brands. As a third step, we have been and will actively continue to source and evaluate M&A opportunities to deliver sustainable growth with the objective of building Navamedic to a leading Nordic pharmaceutical company with a footprint in Northern Europe,” says Kathrine Gamborg Andreassen, CEO of Navamedic ASA.

The company has a flexible and scalable platform for marketing and sale of products to hospitals, pharmacies and patients.

“Our strength is our tailormade local business platform, local expertise, understanding of customers’ needs, and partnerships,” says Gamborg Andreassen.

Nordics at the core

Local expertise is key to both partners, customers and consumers. Today, Navamedic is present in all the Nordic countries, the Baltics and Benelux, with sales representation in the UK and Greece.

“The European healthcare market is one, with similar dynamics in terms of for example demography, consumer behavior and customer structures. We enjoy a strong position in the Nordics but have good insights and a solid position in the Benelux region as well. Following, the Nordics are at the top of our priority list in launches and commercial roll-out, but we always include Benelux and the Netherlands in particular in our product commercialization journey,” says Gamborg Andreassen.


Market access experts

Navamedic is at the forefront in launching, positioning and marketing of consumer health, medical nutrition and specialty pharma/branded generics products. Through solid market insights and knowledge, close dialog with key opinion leaders and authorities, and multi-channel marketing initiatives, the company builds awareness, knowledge and loyalty for its products.

“Our products and market offering help patients and consumers in their everyday life, and we are constantly searching for new products to help more people, in smaller and larger pockets of the market. We provide freedom to choose, help to those who have specific needs, and work intensely to increase availability through reimbursement,” says Gamborg Andreassen.

One example is the company’s specialty pharma product in the obesity category which, when launched in 2017, was the first tablet approved for the treatment of obesity in ten years. Navamedic works closely with general practitioners, obesity clinics and specialist groups to increase the benefit for patients.

“There is currently a very high interest in this category, which leads us to believe in a continued positive development and that this category represents significant future opportunities,” says Gamborg Andreassen.

Another example is Alflorex®, the unique consumer health product for IBS, which the company launched in Norway and Denmark in 2019 in Iceland and the Netherlands in 2020. Navamedic aims to drive growth in the underdeveloped consumer health category of gastro therapeutics going forward.

“Building on the milestones reached, we are perfectly positioned to secure and increase value through a continued push for growth in our existing portfolio and through launch of new products in the Nordics and new geographies, with Benelux as a key priority. We will continue to secure and increase value through ownership of products and brands and see exciting opportunities for in-organic growth in the market. Our ambition is to accelerate growth to become a leading pharma company in the Nordics targeting growth in North Europe,” Gamborg Andreassen concludes.

Kathrine Gamborg Andreassen