Articles of association

Articles of association


(unofficial translation as of March 2024)

§ 1
The company’s name is Navamedic ASA. The company is a public limited company.

§ 2
The company’s registered office is in the municipality of Oslo.

§ 3
The Company’s purpose is to develop, produce, market and sell pharmaceuticals and related products, provide connected consulting services and invest in related business.

§ 4
The share capital of the company is NOK 12,900,254.98, divided into 17,432,777 shares, each with a nominal value of NOK 0.74.

§ 5
The company’s board of directors shall consist of minimum 3 and maximum 7 directors pursuant to the further decision of the general meeting.

§ 6
The company shall have a nomination committee. The nomination committee shall consist of two to three members. At least two of the members shall be shareholders or represent the shareholders. The nomination committee shall propose candidates to the annual general meeting in election of board members. The nomination committee shall also submit proposals on board remuneration. The term of the members of the nomination committee shall be up to 2 years at a time.

§ 7
The ordinary general meeting shall consider and resolve approval of the annual accounts and the annual report.
Shareholders who wish to attend the general meeting must give notice to the company no later than three days prior to the general meeting in accordance with the board of directors detailed instructions.
Documents concerning matters to be considered at the general meeting may be made available on the company’s website. This is also applicable for documents that by law shall be included in or attached to the notice. In case documents are made available in such manner, the statutory requirements for distribution to shareholders shall not be applicable. A shareholder still have the right to receive documents concerning matters to be considered at the general meeting upon request.

§ 8
The company’s shares shall be freely transferable.