Navamedic plays a crucial role in providing essential antibiotics to hospitals across the Nordic region through carefully negotiated tender agreements. These antibiotics, vital for combating bacterial infections, are primarily administered via infusion or injection, making them readily accessible for healthcare professionals to deliver effective treatment to patients. Available in various formats including vials, ampoules, and ready-to-use bags (RTU), Navamedic ensures that healthcare facilities have a diverse range of options to suit their specific needs and protocols.

Partnering with ACS Dobfar, a reputable pharmaceutical manufacturer based in Italy, Navamedic ensures the quality and reliability of its antibiotic products. ACS Dobfar’s state-of-the-art facilities adhere to stringent manufacturing standards, guaranteeing the safety and efficacy of the antibiotics produced. This collaboration underscores Navamedic’s commitment to providing healthcare institutions with high-quality medications sourced from trusted partners.

In addition to its operational focus, Navamedic is deeply invested in addressing the global health challenge of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). As a member of the AMR Industry Alliance, Navamedic actively participates in collaborative efforts to combat AMR. By having a dedicated representative in the manufacturing group of the AMR Industry Alliance, Navamedic ensures that its practices align with industry-wide initiatives aimed at promoting responsible antibiotic use and mitigating the emergence of drug-resistant pathogens. This proactive stance underscores Navamedic’s commitment to safeguarding public health and preserving the effectiveness of antibiotics for future generations.

Our products

Active substanceStrenght
CloxacilinVial10 x 1g, 10 x 2g
CefalotinVial10 x 1g, 10 x 2g
CefotaximVial10 x 0.5g, 10 x 1g, 10 x 2g
ClindamycinAmpoule10 x 2ml, 10 x 4ml
ClindamycinRTU bag10 x 300mg, 10 x 600mg
CefriaxonVial10 x 1g, 10 x 2g
CiprofloxacinRTU bag10 x 100ml, 10 x 200ml
CeftazidimVial1 x 0.5g, 10 x 1g, 10 x 2g