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Navamedic Environmental Policy

  • We at Navamedic shall strive to continuously reduce the environmental footprint (impact) of our business and products
  • Secure that we live up to the environmental regulations and the demands and expectations of our customers, end-users and partners.

The environmental work shall cover the entire value chain of our business and products. We must understand and explore every step that can improve the environmental sustainability of our business.
We shall have a non-prestigious relation in identifying and solving environmental problems.

Navamedic is committed to operate the business in a responsible and sustainable manner over time, and in a way that contributes to a positive, trust-based relationship between Navamedic, our stakeholders and society as a whole. During 2022, we identified the areas of United Nations global development goals where we see our contribution and structured the measures and initiatives to support this contribution in the future. By assessing the whole value chain and having a comprehensive view on our impact, Navamedic sustainability team laid a good foundation for establishing concrete measures, initiatives and focus areas. Together with our management and the Board, we lifted our focus on sustainability of our operations at the top of our agenda for the future.