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Business Model

Our Business Model

We divide our business into four segments: Specialty Pharma, Medical Nutrition, Branded Generics and Consumer Health. Within Specialty Pharma and Consumer Health, we focus on specific categories like cardiology, obesity, gastro, women’s health, cough & cold and pain relief. We are actively looking to develop the current categories and enter into new ones.

We are flexible and have experience with different partnership arrangements – from plain distribution agreements to licensing deals and more complex structures with joint ownership.

To Navamedic, each partnership is unique and will get tailormade attention to its requirements and ambitions.

We have an experienced staff with the competence to handle the regulatory, vigilance and quality requirements of any healthcare product, whether it is an Rx product that requires serialization, a medical device or a food supplement. On the marketing and sales side, we enjoy working with the entire spectrum of tender based sales, reimbursements, KOL endorsement, campaigns in pharmacies and direct to consumer marketing. We manage the supply chain internally and use the best third party logistics partners in each territory.

We have a clear ambition to grow, based upon our existing partnerships, by developing new ones and also through the acquisitions or mergers to expand Navamedic’s own assets.



For further partner information and/or inquires, please contact;

Ole Henrik Eriksen, Chief Business Development Officer