Flexilev offers a unique treatment option improving quality of life for patients in the later stages of Parksinsons’ Disease.1

Parkinson disease (PD) is a degenerative condition of the brain associated with motor symptoms (slow movement, tremor, rigidity and imbalance) and other complications including cognitive impairment, mental health disorders, sleep disorders and pain and sensory disturbances.2

Parkinson’s disease (PD) affects 1-2 per 1 000 of the population at any time. PD prevalence is increasing with age and PD affects 1% of the population above 60 years.2

Flexilev®/Zuades® are water soluble minitablets of levodopa/carbidopa (5 mg/1,25 mg), used for individualized treatment with by means of an automatic dose dispenser – MyFID® – enabling improved symptom control by minimizing fluctuations of levodopa in plasma.3

Flexilev/Zuades is marketed and reimbursed in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and has been granted marketing authorization in FI, NL, BE, LUX, UK, PL, AT.

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