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Overweight and obesity is an increasingly growing public health challenge, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity has nearly tripled since 1975. Between 15% and 20% of people in the Nordic population are considered obese, and as a consequence, the cost of treatment and related complications are increasing. Weight loss through lifestyle intervention remains a key treatment option in the management of obesity and is often a prerequisite for patients seeking to undergo bariatric surgery.


Low calorie diets (LCDs) are full diet replacement products, providing 800-1200 calories per day if all regular food is replaced. They are widely used and recommended in structured obesity treatments as well as in presurgical treatments, before bariatric surgery.


Modifast is a brand in weight loss and weight control, with a wide range of full diet replacement products classified as low calorie diets (LCDs). The range consists of drinks, soups, puddings and pasta dishes, all of curse in accordance with international and national regulations to ensure the body is provided with all the nutrients needed, despite the reduced energy intake. Milk protein is used to facilitate great taste and palatability, as well as high-quality protein.


Four Modifast LCD meals per day can replace all regular food during up to eight weeks, for healthy but overweight or obese adults. Longer treatment times require doctor consultation. Of course, individual meals can also be replaced with Modifast, to limit the daily energy intake and facilitate weight loss or weight control.

Great products and a variety of flavors and formats provides the best conditions for treatment compliance and successful results. In addition, the Modifast website also supports long term results with all its content regarding healthy eating, exercise, energy balance etc.