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Eroxon is a topical gel which is clinically proven to help men get an erection within 10 minutes.

It has a unique evaporative physical action due to the cooling and gradual warming which stimulates nerve endings on the glans penis (neurotransmission), which leads to increased blood flow and stronger erections.

Use a ‘pea-sized’ amount of Eroxon® Stimgel and rub onto the glans (head) of the penis for around 15 seconds. Continue sexual stimulation until erection is achived.

Eroxon has a very low incidence of side effects for men and their partners. One unit dose tube is intended to be used for each intercourse attempt. There are no restrictions on frequency of use due to the excellent safety profile.


Aftamed® contains Hyaluronic acid, which is an endogenous substance. It provides effective relief from painful mouth blown.
Aftamed has in studies, as the first product, proven effect on cold sores/afte.

  • Adheres to wet mucosa
  • Provides immediate pain relief
  • Accelerates the healing
  • Reduces the number of new blisters/ulcers (afte)

Hyaluronic acid is characterized by high viscosity, it has a large number of essential functions and is found naturally in a number of body tissues, such as eyes, tears, skin and oral mucosa. Hyaluronic acid has been used for decades in health care related to eye surgery, treatment of burns and the treatment of rheumatic diseases.

Aftamed also contains polycarbophil, a protein that attaches to the wet mucosa. This implies a direct mechanical protection and keeps the hyaluronic acid in place of the wound. Polycarbophil is harmless.

Available as gel, spray and mouthwash:

1-2 drops applied using a whitewash finger at each blow.
One package contains 15 ml

Spray 2-3 times on the affected areas.
One package contains 20 ml

Use 2 or 3 times a day, or more if required.
One package contains 150 ml

Aftamed can be applied as often as you need. The initial analgesic effect wears off after 30-40 minutes. Aftamed has no side effects and it is harmless to swallow.