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Annual General Meeting

About the Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the company´s highest authority. The Board is to ensure that the General Meeting will be an effective forum.

Before the Annual General Meeting

The AGM is normally held before June 1 each year and not later than the statutory deadline June 30. The summons and court documents shall be available on at least 21 days in advance. Documents must contain all the necessary documentation so that shareholders can decide on all matters to be considered. According to the company’s practice is the deadline for announcing presence for the AGM no later than two days before the holding of the meeting. The financial calendar is published through the Oslo Stock Exchange and on the group’s website,


Notice of AGM 2023

Remuneration Report for Executive Personnel AGM 2023

Guidelines Executive Remuneration AGM 2023

Nomination Committee AGM 2023

Minutes AGM 2023


Notice of AGM 2022

Guidelines Executive Remuneration AGM 2022

Remuneration Report for Executive Personnel AGM 2022

Nominations Committee AGM 2022

Represented list AGM 2022

Minutes AGM 2022


Minutes AGM 2021

Notice of AGM 2021

Nominations Committee AGM 2021

Guidelines Executive Remuneration AGM 2021


Registration for the Annual General Meeting shall be done in writing, either by mail, fax or e-mail. Shareholders who can´t attend, are encouraged to ask the attorney. In connection with the notice of AGM there will be prepared a form of proxy sent to shareholders. The proxy will be designed so that as far as possible it can be voted on each matter to be discussed and each candidate to be selected. There will also be appointed a person to vote for the shareholders as a proxy.

At the AGM the Board attends and the auditor can be made available on demand and desire of the shareholders. From the administration participates as a minimum, the CEO and CFO.

The agenda and implementation

The agenda is set by the board. The main points arising from the Public Limited Companies Act and Articles of Association, paragraph 6

After the AGM has been formally completed, the CEO Group reviews the status for Company Group.

AGM protocols are made available on