Navamedic ASA: Broad launch for Eroxon® in Sweden today

Navamedic ASA: Broad launch for Eroxon® in Sweden today

Eroxon® was launched in Norway in February 2024 and has been very well received by Norwegian consumers. After only two weeks in the market, it was the bestseller at an online pharmacy. Strong sales resulted in Eroxon® ranking third on Navamedic’s most sold products in the Consumer Health segment in the first quarter of 2024.

"Eroxon® is a fast, safe and easily available product developed to help men improve not only their sexual health but also their quality of life. We hope for a similar response in Sweden as in the UK and Norway. Over time, we see greater growth potential in Sweden because Eroxon® will be the only non-prescription treatment for erectile dysfunction in the market," says Jack Spira, Medical Director at Navamedic.

Four out of ten men in Sweden have experienced erectile dysfunction at some point, according to a new survey conducted on behalf of Navamedic. Medication is the most common measure, but the vast majority do not seek any help at all[1].

Eroxon® offers a range of features which distinguishes it from other treatments of erectile dysfunction. First and foremost, it is an effective and fast-acting gel which typically helps men get an erection within ten minutes. It has a very good safety profile due to local effect with no systemic absorption. Eroxon® is approved as a treatment for erectile dysfunction in the EU and the US.

[1] Survey conducted in Sweden by Novus 28 March – 11 April 2024.