Navamedic ASA launches Eroxon®

Navamedic ASA launches Eroxon®

Already a success in pharmacies in the UK, the product was launched in Norway this week. It can be bought online and at pharmacies across the country without a doctor’s prescription. Roll-out in Sweden is being planned in May this year. Denmark and Finland will follow suit later this year.

“We are excited to include Eroxon® in our portfolio of products. In the UK, where the product was launched in April 2023. Eroxon® has achieved a share of around 17 per cent of the total market for nonprescription erectile dysfunction treatment. We hope for a similar response in our markets over time. The total wholesale value for the category leader in Norway is estimated at NOK 75 million per year,” said Karianne Femtehjell Olsen, Sales and Marketing Director, Consumer Health Navamedic ASA.

A lot of men experience some form of erectile problems at one point in their lives, whether recurrent or occasional. Eroxon® was created to assist men in acting against this issue in order to restore their confidence and self-esteem, to improve not only their sexual health but also their quality of life.

Eroxon® offers a range of features which distinguishes it from other treatments of erectile dysfunction. First and foremost, it is an effective and fast-acting gel which typically helps men get an erection within 10 minutes. It has a very good safety profile due to local effect with no systemic absorption.

Eroxon® sales will be reported as part of Navamedic’s Consumer Health category.