Obesity patient support program launched in Norway

Obesity patient support program launched in Norway

Navamedic, a Nordic pharma company, specialized in the field of obesity and Observia, French e-health company specialized in patient engagement and support solutions are proud to further provide support for patients in great need.

“Launching a platform like this is by far one of the most ambitious and innovative initiatives we have offered the health care system. This is continuing our efforts in attempting to highlight the complexity surrounding this disease and offering both health care professionals and patients a treatment option complementing and strengthening a regular treatment protocol.” says Kathrine Gamborg Andreassen, CEO of Navamedic.

A 16-week empowerment program

Patients embark on a 16-week program, comprising lifestyle recommendations and doctor- and patient-validated information via SMS. Participants also receive articles on topics such as the causes, risks and benefits of long-term weight loss as well as treatment option information.

In addition, patients are invited to take on daily challenges (going to bed early, practicing physical activity, eating healthy) that instil healthy habits and to progress across 10 levels of challenge. Any patient suffering from obesity can enrol in the program.

The design and the interface of the platform have been conceived by Navamedic and Observia to encourage patients every day and engage them to play an active role in the management of their health.

Launch in Norway follows successful pilot in Sweden

The patient support program was first launched in Sweden in October 2020. After first promising results, the decision was taken to further deploy the program in Norway, where 23.1% of the population suffers from obesity.

Obesity is linked to increased incidence of many chronic diseases (type 2 diabetes, CVD, respiratory complications, etc.) which lead to increased morbidity. In the past few decades, greater awareness around obesity and its consequences and burden have fostered the creation of dedicated support actions and prevention.

MyControl Support is one of them and aims to help patients improve their quality of life.