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Urology focuses on diseases in the urinary-tract system

The field includes conditions treated with both medical and surgical actions. Bladder pain is a symptom causing difficulties and stress in many patients and prevents them from living an ordinary life (1).

Navamedic offers products for treatment in the area of urology, with a strong focus on management of chronic cystitis, such as interstitial cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome, or chronic urinary tract infections. These conditions cause bladder pain, urinary urgency and frequency, and to some patients also incontinence (1).

Our products:

elmiron®, GEPAN® instill



  1. Nordling, Van Ophoven. (2008) Intravesical glucosaminoglucan replenishment with chondroitin Sulphate in chronic forms of cysticitis. A drug research. (Arzneiittel forschung)